KASPEREK SafeKnife is a brand new (worldwide patented) safety solution giving 100% protection of the knife wielding hand in meat packing industries, slaugther houses, fish processing industries and alike, without using a safety glove.


The KASPEREK SafeKnife℗ safety solution can be applied to any knife from any vendor.


KASPEREK SafeKnife is based on knowledge about high rates of injury in the meat packing industry. Our own research indicates that 36% of all meat packing employees are injured on the job every year.

Throughout the years, a lot of safety equipment has been developed for the workers in the industry, which has reduced injuries significantly.


Still, there is one area for which an effective solution has not been found: cutting injuries of the knife-wielding hand due to the hand slipping on the knife.

The cutting injuries to the knife-wielding hand, due to the hand slipping are among the worst injuries a worker can sustain, since they can lead to permanent disability.


The KASPEREK SafeKnife safety solution totally eliminates this type of injuries, in addition to being so ergonomically shaped that the worker will not even notice the safety device itself in his/her workflow.


Additionally, the KASPEREK SafeKnife is a very cost efficient solution compared to existing safety means, so that the workers will have a significantly higher protection while the industry is able to save costs.


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